Ideas for Summer Catering by Mykonos Catering Services!


Summer Catering in Mykonos

Summer is the best season to organize your wedding not only because of the weather but for the food that “trends” over the summer season. Imagine the combination of a wedding reception in Mykonos with all that great landscapes and beauty along with some delicious tastes. In Mykonos Catering Services, we are specialized in serving mouth-watering tastes to summer event. Read below some of our ideas for summer catering by Mykonos Catering Services.

For starters we have the welcome drink of your event which during summer can be colourful and refreshing. The accompanying finger food can draw inspiration from the rich seafood proposals of Mykonos Catering Services like the shrimp cocktail; a popular and favourite taste to nibble.

For your buffet or your main courses, the range of summer tastes are endless. First of all the local Mykonian cuisine is inspired by summer. Fresh fish, vegetables, pies cooked with local herbs are giving dishes that you will enjoy for sure. More over your choices can expand to Mediterranean oriented menus where light freshness of the products and the combinations of tastes give some seriously delicious dishes.

Before moving to the dessert let us advice on some things regarding the cocktail and the wines served at your summer event in Mykonos. Actually summer is cocktails! So it will be great to have besides the classic suggestions- who can resist a mojito- some of our recommendations for summer cocktails. For the wine selection, we strongly suggest some Greek wines which blend harmoniously with the Mediterranean tastes served.

Let’s close now with some dessert option. Yes, ice cream cannot be eliminated from your choices but you have to know that the known as siropiasta are perfect with ice cream whereas more sweet options are available to choose from and share with your guests some sweet memories.

Those are some ideas for summer catering in Mykonos by Mykonos Catering Services for more you just have to click on