Spring is the Season: For the perfect event in Mykonos!


Spring time in Mykonos

We won’t try to convince you that there is a better season than summer in Mykonos. We are pretty sure though that spring is equally beautiful and a lovely time for organizing an event. There are plenty of reasons and today we are pointing out the main three ones!

The weather. Especially in May, the difference in weather conditions compared to summer is not that big. Even more, the weather might be more pleasant as temperatures are not that high, evenings are pleasantly chilly and the sea is warm enough for swimming.

The nature. But it’s the nature that will create the beautiful atmosphere and will be the backdrop for your wedding photos, for example, which will become even more special. The scents of Mykonos nature, the wild flowers and the herbs, are now blossoming all over the island and the atmosphere is now naturally scented and so attractively beautiful.

The prices. The final reason to organize your event during spring time in Mykonos might be even more striking. It the lower prices, especially in accommodation, meaning that you can invite over more guests and share your happiness with more people.

It sounds now like spring events in Mykonos have it all. The beauty, the warmth and the rates! So if you decided to organize your wedding reception or a party in Mykonos during spring time we have the best proposal for your catering and even more. The Mykonos Catering Services with the long experience, the delicious tastes and the best services in the island of Mykonos. You just have to click on www.mykonoscateringservices.com see the full lists of menus and concierge services of Mykonos Catering Service. Then drop your request at info@mykonoscateringservices.com and start thinking of the good times that you will enjoy at your spring event in Mykonos Island.