Food and drink pairing for Mykonos events

Today, we will go through one of the biggest trends in gastronomy, nowadays, that starts from restaurant but can easily be adjusted to a catered event. There are plenty of options on how you can organize a food and drink pairing for Mykonos events and the professionals of Mykonos Catering Services will guide you. Let’s discover how you can transform your event in a complete gastronomic experience through pairing bites and sips that please even the most demanding palette.


To succeed on a food and drink-pairing event, you have to consult an experienced chef and mixologist or sommelier that will tell you exactly which drinks, wines and cocktail fit the tastes that you want on your event menu. Or even let them to suggest the best food and drink pairing for your Mykonos event. It will also be nice to have someone during your event to explain and guide your guests to combine flavors and drinks in the tastiest way. But you can still just have the food and the service to know how to serve the dishes with which wine, drink or cocktail.


It might seem like a food and wine tasting night but not so strict and formal. Moreover, you can organize an event dedicated to one single variety of wine or a producer, or to summer cocktail and “weave” the tastes accordingly. You just have to know the dietary needs of all your guests that can be easier for small-scale events. You can also have the setup of a tasting night.


This option can save you money for your event in Mykonos and still can be fun, having also an educative character which adds an extra something to your event. The staff of Mykonos Catering Services will give all the details for a food and drink pairing for your Mykonos event; a gastronomic trend that you can now experience in Mykonos. More at