Catering food to die for: the gastronomic surprises of Mykonos Catering Services

A lot of people believe that the catering food, due to its mass production, is rather boring and guests are not quite enthusiastic when it comes to this part of an event. Well, in Mykonos Catering Services, we like to take things a step further, thus today we present some ideas on catering food to die for: the gastronomic surprises of Mykonos Catering Services.


If you go for a set menu, let us suggest a gastronomic experience on courses that you have never tasted before. Let’s discuss if your main course will be meat or fish or a vegetarian option and we are going to suggest an appetizer, a salad, a side and a dessert that all together will lead to an amazing gastronomic experience in Mykonos that you will never forget.


If you prefer a buffet style sharing, then in Mykonos Catering Services we will suggest some corners with surprises that you haven’t imagine. Try the fresh seafood with champagne cocktail for an opening and move on to live cooking shows with the chefs creating the tastes you want to savour just on the spot.


If you are ready to propose, then in Mykonos Catering Services, we provide both the best private spot to set your table with the essential romantic decoration and the most delicious food in courses that will lead to the question while the candles will reflect shadows on your faces.


In Mykonos Catering Services, we also take pride for the food served on a yacht or at your villa as we do have all the staff and the best menus to enjoy in privacy and comfort without having to worry about a thing!


So, whatever your style or purpose is, let us provide the catering food to die for with all the gastronomic surprises of Mykonos Catering Services. For more click on

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