The two main options for a Wedding Reception in Mykonos by Mykonos Catering Services.


Wedding Reception in Mykonos

We know that Mykonos is considered to be among the top destinations in the world for a wedding ceremony and reception as well as a honeymoon that can be tailor made to your needs. Come along as we read about some interesting ideas for an unforgettable wedding reception in Mykonos.

You can choose a restaurant for you wedding reception. The pros of this choice include that you don’t have to worry about the weather, everyone will be in one place so they can be part of your celebration whereas the proximity to the kitchen ensures that there will be no worries about the dishes coming out at the time they need to be served. The restaurant choice is ideal for those who wish to have fully served menu at their wedding reception. Plus, there will be no need to spend much money at the decoration.

The alternative choice suggests organising a wedding reception by the beach or at a private spot. This goes better if you prefer to host a cocktail party for your wedding and you have either a big number of guests (then go for the open air venue option) or a small one, whereas a private spot, let’s say at a hotel, will be great to celebrate your special day with your beloved ones in a place where no one can bother you.

In Mykonos Catering Services, we can take care of both these options and we will be more specific. For your guests’ accommodation, you can choose the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel & Resort, where you will also find the perfect private spot if you organize a small scale wedding reception. At the beachfront restaurants, Yefsi and Al Dente, you can also enjoy a great wedding reception in Mykonos whereas at the beach bear in front of the hotel, we can create the romantic atmosphere for a summer wedding party! Isn’t that what Mykonos is all about? For more just click on