Nights with magic. A villa party in Mykonos by Mykonos Catering Services!


Villa party in Mykonos

Among all the kinds of events, there is definitely one considered to be one of top ways to celebrate your special occasion in Mykonos; a party in a private villa in Mykonos! This probably is Mykonos Catering Services’s favourite event type to organize as it allows us to take care of the food, the service and the extras (like a helicopter arrival) that really can make your villa party an event to remember.

Let’s take the villa party in Mykonos by Mykonos Catering Services from the very beginning. First of all, let us know of the exact location of your villa, as we know most of the venues and we will come up with ideas if you need any extra decorative additions. Then, we have to talk about the food and the serving type. Are you thinking of a buffet style, a finger food menu or a complete served dinner? We do have plenty of proposals for all three types or a combination of them.

As for the service, you don’t have to worry at all. Our highly trained staff knows how to serve with an effortless smile and discreetness. We will arrive at the venue hours before the event, so that we have the time we need to set the place. If you wish to have a chef that will create some of the dishes on the spot, then we will be delighted to provide that service too.

A villa party in Mykonos by Mykonos Catering Services is a magical night. It is not only the beautiful views to the Aegean Sea and the privacy of your chosen villa but the extra attention, the delicious tastes and the impeccable services that elevate your villa party in Mykonos by Mykonos Catering Services. For more details, click on