The ingredients; the cooking; the cuisine of Mykonos Catering Services!


The Cuisine of Mykonos Catering Services

The “heart” of the Mykonos Catering Services is the food. As simple and as honest as the fresh, local ingredients that we use to prepare each and every bite that you will enjoy when you trust Mykonos Catering Services for your event. The long experience and presence in the gastronomic scene of Mykonos, at the Yefsi and Al Dente restaurants in Platys Gialos and the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Hotel & Resort, led us to expand our services to the catering sector.

The same care transferred to the cuisine of Mykonos Catering Services. We have a wide collaboration with local producers to ensure that the ingredients we use are fresh and uniquely delicious. Of course we are working with the best food companies in Greece to collect only the best of the Greek produce. Then we suggest tastes that reflect the gastronomic heritage of the local, the Greek and the Mediterranean cuisine.

Our cooks know how to create with the carefully selected ingredients the mouth-watering tastes that you enjoy at your events. Wherever we are preparing a set or bespoke menu, a finger food/ cocktail menu or the tastes for a private dinner the same wisdom and carefulness at the cooking procedure makes the tastes of Mykonos Catering Services the same enjoyable and precious from the first to the last bite!

The effort of trying to make and keep everyone gastronomically happy in an event is of course the biggest challenge that we undertake here in Mykonos Catering Services every time an event is booked with us. It gives us though so much happiness and a great deal of satisfaction when the participants describe their gastronomic experience of the event with favourable words and mention the uniqueness and the deliciousness of the Mykonos Catering Services tastes. We love to make you happy and enjoy the bites we serve in the event, thus we are staying committed to our philosophy providing the best of gastronomic Mykonos! More at