The best menu choices according to your event type!

Every event has a different character and it has to reflect the purpose and the personality of the host. Taking this into account, in Mykonos Catering Services we suggest the most suitable menu according to the time, the number of guests, the budget, the venue and all aspects that make up your special celebration in Mykonos. Whether you are having a wedding reception, a party, a private villa entertainment night, these are the best menu choices according to your event type.


Let’s say that you are after a summer wedding reception in Mykonos. Well things here have to do with whether you want to have a formal dinner or a wedding party. For the first option, a set menu with four or more courses are highly recommended whereas for your party the buffet option will keep everyone happy. If you go for the second option, do not limit your choices and add as many tastes as you can.


If you are throwing a birthday party in Mykonos, combine the options with a dinner party and lots of dishes or go for the party with finger food option and an open bar. Do not forget to have your own dj playing your beats and book a private suite or an area where you can enjoy privacy.


If you are in a private villa and thinking of a little bit of entertainment, then ask the staff of Mykonos Catering Services to provide a private chef, waiting staff and a bartender to have a great time with your loved ones only. Alternatively, order your food and have it in a buffet style and have no one bothering you. Similarly, for a private dinner go for the set menu – four course option to enjoy delicious food made for just you two!


As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, every event is different and you have to send us your request to find the best menu choices according to your event type at