The best ideas for an outdoors event in Mykonos

Mykonos means summer! Taking that as a fact, you have also to take for granted the good weather, the amazing sea views, the lovely sunsets and the opportunity to organize an outdoors event in Mykonos. Today we explore the best ideas for an outdoors event in Mykonos, come along as we go from the sea shores to great venues and picturesque locations for a memorable wedding reception, bachelor party or any given reason to celebrate.


It will be a miss not to have the whole event or just a part of it by the beach. Mykonos island has probably the best beaches among the islands of Cyclades. Golden sand and azure waters meet high end seaside venues like the brand-new DK Oyster by the beach of Platys Yalos. Multi-functional summer heavens featuring the best of food, drink and fun where you enjoy any kind of event, any time of the day you wish to.


But there are options with more privacy like resorts that provide villas and areas just for your event like the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel & Resort. Book a villa or a suite according to the number of your event’s guests and let the people of Mykonos Catering Services take care of all the details regarding the food, music and service.


Even if you wish to organize an absolutely tailor-made celebration, let’s say on your yacht, the tastes and all goods ordered will arrive to your very own private spot on Mykonos that you wish to enjoy summer moments with your loved ones. If you are getting married then look for the churches scattered around the island to take some photos, whereas for the actual ceremony ask the staff of Mykonos Catering Services to take care of the paper work and the necessary arrangements.


Mykonos is a one of kind island that an outdoor event, from a small-scale birthday party to a big wedding has to be unique and those were some ideas for an outdoor event in Mykonos. For more suggestions click on