The Sweet Effect: Dessert proposals for your event in Mykonos!


Sweet tastes of your event in Mykonos

Lots of people tend not to pay attention to the dessert or the sweet tastes that will be served at their event. Things of course are not this way when it comes to the sweet proposals that will be served at your wedding reception, party or your event in Mykonos and will be catered by Mykonos Catering Services. Besides the “usual sweet suspects”, we have a range of desserts and sweet proposals that can be enjoyed by your guests and create sweet memories of your event. Read below some of our proposals.

Wedding Cakes. Just describe the wedding cake of your dreams, the theme colour of your wedding and most importantly the tastes and the pastry chefs of Mykonos Catering Services will prepare a wedding cake that will stand out both visually and tastefully.

Cupcakes and small sweets. The latest trend in pastry surprises are the very well-known cupcakes and other small sweets. Wherever you are having a party or even a reception, a cupcake corner is like a necessity.

Traditional sweets. Add to the sweet tastes of your event in Mykonos some traditional desserts from the island, like the amygdalota. These can be served as an entrée at the wedding venue as well. Do not forget to ask about koufeta, especially if you are planning your wedding in Mykonos.

Dessert options. In Mykonos Catering Services, we can also prepare the dessert of your choice. From international options like a panacotta or a chocolate soufflé to rich and delicious Greek desserts like the baklava, just ask for it and surprise your guests with your choice.

Children parties sweets. There is no children party in this world without many sweets, Mykonos is no exception when it comes to children parties on the island. We do have numerous of sweet proposals for your boy or girl party that you wish to organize in Mykonos island!

To place your sweet order or just share your sweet thoughts about the desserts of your catering menu, just contact the people of Mykonos Catering Services at