The perfect event set up: The Mykonos Catering Services suggestions!


Summer Event in Mykonos

The set up that you will choose for your summer event in Mykonos is a really crucial part when it comes to organize your special night. In today’s blog spot, we will explore the various types of an event set up. We will go through the basic event set ups and, then, we will suggest our proposals for a perfect summer event in Mykonos Island.

The Banquet Style. It follows the main table structure of a restaurant and it is ideal if you have many guests that they want to enjoy the company of their friends and family. It is also a formal type of seating, perfect for a wedding.

The Cocktail/ Stand Up Style. This type of set up is a series of stands scattered in the designated venue. Your guests will be standing and moving around freely and this type of set up is great for parties. In Mykonos Catering Services, we can also provide some chairs and lower tables.

The U-Shape/ Conference Table Style. This is a convenient choice of set up if your guests are not that many and can be fitted in the venue. This particular event set up offers the essence of “get together” even more, as all guests have eye contact between each other.

Family Style. This type of event set up consists of two (or more) rows of tables next to each other. It is a great choice if you guests are not many and you want to make the venue looks more filled.

The Free Style. This particular type of set up is what the name suggests. There is no set up (although you can have a buffet or a series of chairs and tables across the venue). If you go for this style then it is advisable to pay some attention to the decoration.

We can suggest more if you just send us your request with the details of the event that you want to organize in Mykonos at