Private Villa catering service in Mykonos!

Over the last few years, the hospitality in Mykonos has changed and more villas are now available to book and spend your holidays with all these elements that make a villa stay such an amazing experience. You get your privacy, large swimming pools, as many rooms as you wish and, usually, some great sea views. What you can’t really have is a lot of things regarding your meals. But, in an island like Mykonos, nothing has been left unattended or, to be more precise, – without a good solution!


Most of Mykonos villas have fully equipped kitchen areas but who want to mess with cooking during their holidays? In Mykonos Catering Services, we do have all the services you might need so that you don’t have to worry about a culinary thing, as we provide a private villa catering service in Mykonos.


·       We can deliver your meals ordered to your villa as many times during the day you wish. From breakfast to dinner you can order your favorite tastes and we will make sure that you will enjoy everything.

·       We can make all the arrangements so that you can have a private chef as long as you want. Additionally, private bartenders and waiting staff can be arranged so that you can enjoy your favourite food all day long.

·       If you are planning a dinner party or even better a romantic dinner then we do have everything needed. Even if you wish to have a buffet style event or a set menu we can propose and create together the perfect menu.

·       If you want to have a gathering with a themed menu, like an ethnic cuisine night then in Mykonos Catering Services this is what we love the most.


If you have booked a villa for your holidays in Mykonos then just ask for the private villa catering service by Mykonos Catering Services. We‘d love to be part of your great holidays in the island of Mykonos with our tastes and high quality service! For more click on