Private Dining in Mykonos. What Mykonos Catering Services Has to Offer!


Private Dinner in Mykonos

There are plenty of reasons to arrange a private dinner in Mykonos Island. Let’s say that you are visiting the island with your significant other and you want something more than randomly picking a restaurant. If you are planning to propose, then a private dinner in Mykonos is a necessity. Or you are having fun with your friends and family and you are in need for a tailor made, gastronomic experience in a private spot. What about a birthday party? We can’t predict or imagine every single reason for having a private dinner in Mykonos, but we definitely can organize the perfect one- just for you. Let’s find out what we can do for you!

·       We will find the perfect place and we have plenty to suggest like a made for you spot in the restaurants Yefsi or Al Dente at the beach of Platis Gialos. Or even better we will set a table at the beach just for you.

·       The people of Mykonos Catering Services will create the appropriate atmosphere accordingly. Like plenty of candles for a romantic dinner for two, or the necessary decorative touches that will make you feel like this piece on the island is just for you.

·       As for the flavours we are ready to make the perfect menu. Appetizers, salads, dishes with meat or fresh fish, traditional or Mediterranean dishes inspire gastronomic proposals along with ethnic cuisines and scrumptious desserts are among the flavours that you can choose to set up the menu for your private dinner in Mykonos.

·       Even if you choose to have your private party at your own villa, Mykonos Catering Services will be happy to cook, serve and take care of your small or big private event!

The ideas are endless and the passion for providing only the best of flavours and services in Mykonos are the things that make Mykonos Catering Services the best choice for your private dinner in Mykonos. A dinner made only for you and those you love! Click on and send us your request!