Catering for parties in Mykonos: The Mykonos Catering Services Ideas!


Party Catering in Mykonos

Mykonos island has a long tradition in partying and any kind of parties. Besides the famous fun days at the beaches of the island- like the parties at Platys Gialos in front of Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel & Resort and the Yefsi restaurant- in Mykonos, you can organize a party for any given occasion. Let’s say that your holidays in Mykonos include your birthday, or the date of your anniversary, or you want to celebrate a graduation and so many other things. Mykonos Catering Services has a long experience in catering parties on the island of Mykonos. Below, you will find some ideas for your party catering in Mykonos.

Welcome Drink. Greet your guests with a refreshing and delicious welcome drink. A champagne cocktail, a traditional Greek aperitif or a small sip with an unusual colour will give the first impression for your event and we have plenty of cool drink ideas.

The Food. There are plenty of choices for your party menu. You can either go for a buffet styled catering or a finger food option. The buffet is the ideal choice if you wish to have plenty of food for your guests, whereas the finger food option adds more fun to the party with the little bites being part of the fun.

The Drinks. The drink menu that you will choose for your party is really important. The options provided by Mykonos Catering Services are many and you can have a barman- mixologist to prepare cocktails and other drinks at your event.

The Fun. Besides food and drinks, there is more things to enrich your party in Mykonos. The likes of live music, a DJ, dancers and fireworks are at your disposal to choose what will uplift the mood and become a memorable party in Mykonos!