Mykonos Catering Services Welcomes Summer 2017 Season

As April leaves, May starts and that means summer in Mykonos. The season we are all looking forward to, especially us in Mykonos Catering Services! We are ready to create, serve and cater your special day to make up a memorable event for your occasion in Mykonos island. We are ready to welcome Summer Season 2017 with new ideas and suggestions regarding not only the food served to your event but the special additions that will make it as unique as your personality.

We are constantly upgrading our services to reach and satisfy the most demanding customers’ requirements, whether you are looking for an amazing arrival, let’s say with a helicopter, or you are a looking to create a set up made only for you! We also have some amazing venue proposals for your event. Like the brand new DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant by the beach of Platys Yialos; a new hot place to be in Mykonos with delicious food and professional services that is ideal for all kind of events, like a wedding by the beach, an all-day entertainment for your guests and a formal dinner. Look also for the Eclipse Restaurant at the roof top of Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel and Resort, ideal for those who seek for a private venue for their event in Mykonos.

As for our food suggestions this summer, Mykonos Catering Service proposes some delicious combinations, strongly suggesting to have some fresh fish and seafood tastes in your event menu, where you will be delighted to enjoy our ethic menus inspired by the Middle East and Indian cuisine and not only. As for the drinks, we enriched our drink list with some premium wines, champagnes and drinks, whereas our mixologists are ready to create  cocktails made just for you and your special occasion!

This was just some info on how Mykonos Catering Services welcomes Summer 2017 Season. You just have to set the date and check out all our services at