Catering at your doorstep; or maybe at your yacht? The Mykonos Catering Services delivers anywhere!

Mykonos Catering Services

Mykonos Catering Services is very well-known for our ever-punctual deliveries of our delicious food anywhere Mykonos Island. So after letting us know where to come, rest assured that your food will arrive on time, it will be fresh and hot (or cold accordingly) and everyone will enjoy a great gastronomic experience. Mykonos Catering Services delivers at:

Your venue. The buffets will be set on time; if you chose a complete dinner menu we will be there hours in advance to take care of the final details before service.

Your villa. Visitors of Mykonos Island living in a private villa can also enjoy a great gastronomic experience custom-made just for them. Whenever you feel like it you can enjoy our delicious tastes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or party, certain that you will enjoy every single bite.

Your yacht. Cooking on a yacht can be really challenging and after all, you just want to enjoy your time in Mykonos. Send us an email with the specific menu or tastes of your preference and we will arrive at your yacht to serve you some mouth-watering dishes.

Your party. Wherever you are celebrating your wedding or any other event, the people of Mykonos Catering Services will add the tastes that your guests will enjoy.

Keep in mind also that Mykonos Catering Services offers more than 10 menu choices, where you can also create your very own that meets your particular needs. For events, wedding receptions and parties you can choose between finger food, buffet or a sit-down dinner. Furthermore, we can provide a series of services such as transfers, decorations, music and more, making Mykonos Catering Services, a complete choice to enjoy every moment and taste of your occasion! For more click on