More for your event in Mykonos: Activities for your guests!

An event is not just the actual time of a wedding or a party, as you and your guests will arrive earlier or stay longer to the event destination. It is not unusual, especially when your event destination is Mykonos for your guests to combine attending your event and have their vacation on the island. Today, we will tell you more for your event in Mykonos as we suggest activities for your guests.


If you have to take care of their accommodation then why not suggesting the Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel & Resort by the beach of Platys Yalos where you can find some great suites with swimming pools and a great beach venue in front of the hotel! Let’s move on now to our suggestions! You can spend your days at the beaches of the island and enjoy the sea, the sun, some delicious cocktails or indulge into your favourite water sports.


You have to visit the Chora of Mykonos; the iconic Aegean beauty of Mykonos capital will enchant you with the narrow alleys, the whitewashed houses, the colourful windows and doors, the windmills, the Little Venice, the tiny churches are the one face of the Mykonos Chora. Next to this dreamy scenery you will find great restaurants, fashionable boutiques, shops of all kinds and here is where at night one of the most up- spirited night life scene across the Mediterranean! A day at Chora is just not enough.


Besides Chora and the beaches of Mykonos, visit some less known spots like the Ano Mera village and the Lighthouse. For any do not miss a trip to the island of Delos, one of the most important islands in the Mediterranean. Additionally you can organize a cruise to the isolated beaches of Mykonos or short trips to the nearby islands.


Whatever you decide to suggest there are more for your event in Mykonos regarding the activities for your guests. Meanwhile, if you need more advice or to organize a complete activity schedule, then contact us at