The Top 5 Mykonos Tastes for your Mykonos Catering Services Event Menu!


Menu for your Event in Mykonos

Creating the perfect menu for your event in Mykonos is a fun and, definitely, a delicious process. There are several reasons why and the people of Mykonos Catering Services will propose a series of tastes from the local, Greek, Mediterranean and International cuisines! Whatever the type of your event and the type of food will be in your event, keep some plates for the authentic Mykonian tastes. Do not worry! The products of Mykonos fit deliciously in every gastronomic direction you might choose for your menu! Here are some of them; pick accordingly.

The Kopanisti Cheese. The most famous cheese made in Mykonos is a soft spicy cheese that is perfect with rusk and tomato-to balance its taste. It is ideal as an appetizer or a finger food proposal.

Louza. This is a Mykonian type of sausage made in the traditional way that keeps all the taste of the meat. It is a great choice to serve as an appetizer for your guests to taste a genuine product of Mykonos.

Mykonian Sausages. The fact that the sausages made in Mykonos obtain more meat and less fat makes them a mouth-watering way to start your event. It accompanies perfectly red wines while being an excellent option for your table or your buffet!

Zucchini Balls. This lovely delicacy is made with an authentic Mykonian recipe made with zucchini from the island of Mykonos. Everyone will love the rich flavour of this dish.

Salads & Main Courses. This category includes the fusion of the authentic tastes of Mykonos. Using the best and freshest local ingredients, we will prepare a series of dishes for vegetarians, plus many proposals with meat from the island and fish from the Aegean Sea.

That was just some ideas to add to your event menu by Mykonos Catering Services. We can propose much more like creative combinations of local and the best products of Greece and the rest of the world. You only have to discover them and just send us your request at