From Breakfast to Bespoke: The Menus of Mykonos Catering Services!

Menu for your Event

Is there anything more pleasurable than enjoying great food during an event? Or even better, as you relax in the privacy of a villa in Mykonos? Here in Mykonos Catering Services we created a wide selection of menus that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Covering your needs for delicious food made with fresh ingredients we suggest more than 10 different menus to choose from or to customize the best menu for your event. Let’s have a look:

Greek/ Traditional food menus. The best of the Mykonian and Greek culinary heritage in menus that will enchant your palate.

Mediterranean food menus. Creative and inspired, the Mediterranean menu by Mykonos Catering services combine the most delicious proposals of the different cuisines across the Mediterranean.

Vegetarian menus. If you don’t like meat then in Mykonos Catering Services we have some hearty vegetarian menu proposals.

Finger food menus. Bites full of taste are an excellent choice for your wedding reception, party, or event or even a simple yet delicious snack to nibble on with your friends at your villa.

Breakfast menus. Enjoy a great breakfast experience with the rich and fresh proposals of Mykonos Catering Services.

Candlelight dinner menus. A dinner for two calls for some special dishes. Come along to create the best menu for a romantic dinner in Mykonos.

Yacht menus. If you are visiting the island of Mykonos with your yacht then address the Mykonos Catering Services for all your gastronomic desires.

Lunch menus. If you are not in a mood for cooking or eating out, then call us to prepare a delicious lunch for you and your friends.

Diet menus. You don’t want to spoil your diet during your holidays in Mykonos? Don’t worry because we have some delicious diet food proposals.

Gluten free menus. Even if you have some specific dietary requirements, we have some mouth-watering dishes for those who can’t eat gluten or follow a specific diet.

Bespoke menus. Pick and choose to create the most suitable menu for your event in Mykonos. This is a procedure that the people of Mykonos Catering Services particularly enjoy.

Whatever your menu choice for your event in Mykonos is just click on to place your order!