How to create the perfect menu for your event in Mykonos!


Event planning in Mykonos Island

When the discussion comes to the creation of a perfect menu for your event or your wedding reception in Mykonos Island, there are various options that you have to take into consideration. Today, we will provide the basic questions and answers that you have to think about when you will be in the procedure for your event menu.

The type of the event. If you go for the complete served menu option, you have to think of one or two appetizers, a salad, suggestions for the main course and of course scrumptious dessert. You have to think if there will be any vegetarians among your guests, so that we include appropriate dishes. If you choose a finger food menu, then it’s easier to add bites that can satisfy your guests easier.

The number of the guests. The number of the guests plays a crucial part for your event. You have to think for each one of them. Besides the vegetarian options, it is good to know if any of the guests is following any specific diet, so to include special dishes or have the people of Mykonos Catering Services create something specific for them.

The tastes of the menu. Mediterranean cuisine, which is the expertise of Mykonos Catering Services, offers many options for dishes that are full of taste and aromas. But if you go for a specific cuisine, then listen what the people of Mykonos Catering Services have to suggest. Gastronomic flexibility is among the Mykonos Catering Services specialties.

The variety of menus. It is really helpful to have plenty of tasty proposals to choose from. Even if you know exactly what you are after, the variety will definitely give you more ideas and solutions to cover and satisfy your guests. The Mykonos Catering Services offer you the best of both worlds so to create a menu for every type of event planning in Mykonos Island. Find them all at