How to create the perfect buffet for your event in Mykonos!

Having a buffet style event is among the most popular choices that you can offer to your event when it comes to food suggestions. Today, we are about to discuss on how to create the perfect buffet for your event in Mykonos with the Mykonos Catering Services expertise.

First of all, you can have a buffet with “concept” or to be more specific with a single cuisine suggestions. From exotic and ethnic to Mediterranean and Italian, to local and Greek, if you decide to serve delights from just one cuisine make sure that you have as many suggestions as you can, as not all your guests eat the specific recommendations.

Then you can go for a “mix and match” buffet tastes where you can have the best or what you believe fits the appetite and the gastronomic suggestions of your guests. Never forget to add vegetarian options and do not fill the buffet with meat and pasta as you must also have lighter suggestions.

The “tailor made” buffet is the final suggestion where, along with the people of Mykonos Catering Services, you will make the perfect buffet for your event in Mykonos!  Whether you go for gastronomic suggestions of one cuisine only or a mix and match proposals we are going go to assist and propose the best and most delicious tastes that you can have in your buffets. Also, recommendations for the dessert buffet and of course the drinks that you can have in your event. We can also say some things about the styling of your buffet and the option of having a chef live preparing the food for your guests. The good thing about having a buffet is that you can add anything you like to your proposals just to come up with the perfect buffet and all the tastes that will please your guests! For more just visit