Fresh fish and oyster menu for your event in Mykonos

More than a gastronomic trend enjoying fresh fish and seafood to your event in Mykonos is now probably a must serve proposal. It is part of the island’s culinary heritage eating as much fresh fish and enjoying all kinds of seafood coming from the ethereal Aegean Sea. But today’s seafood enjoyment became a sophisticated option for catered food in your wedding reception or your event in Mykonos and there are many proposals for having a fresh fish and oyster menu for your event in Mykonos.


First of all, if you go for a seafood menu you can choose from a complete dinner menu or finger food menu. You can choose from oysters and small fish to larger ones and, through the innovative presentation and the creative combinations of tastes, you will enjoy an amazing seafood experience. If you go for fresh fish and oyster menu for your event in Mykonos, then you have to know that Mykonos Catering Services have an amazing venue idea.


We are referring to the brand new Mykonos seaside gastronomic sensation called DK Oyster. Featuring an organized part by the beach, a main hall and private spots having a seafood menu event at the DK Oyster Restaurant & Bar, then you have the best combination of the ultimate summer experience in Mykonos for you and your guests. We strongly suggest you to enjoy a traditional yet creative seafood menu in a venue that embraces all fresh fish and oyster philosophy and we guarantee that everyone will enjoy the experience of tasting the freshest catch of the seas in an elegant and perfectly organized venue.


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