Daytime or Night time Events in Mykonos: When to organize the perfect event!

Event in Mykonos at day or night time

Wherever you choose to organize your wedding reception or your event in Mykonos, follow the advices of the Mykonos Catering Services to find just the right time! You have to think carefully if you wish to host an event under the bright Greek sun or the gentle lights of the stars. Read below all the details about hosting an event in Mykonos at day or night time!

A daytime event in Mykonos. So, you are thinking of having a daytime event in Mykonos. Consider that during July and August the midday temperature in Mykonos can reach as high as the 40 degrees Celsius, meaning that it is better to prefer a shadowed venue (like the Yefsi Restaurant at the beach of Platys Gialos) or a place close to the beach (like the beach bar of Kosmoplaz Hotel) where your guests can enjoy the event. Among the main privileges of having a daytime event in Mykonos is that the light is bright enough to take some amazing photos and you can enjoy all day long enriching your event’s flow with many highlights, like live music and more.

Nights are for events in Mykonos Island. After sunset, or a couple of hours before, is yet another great opportunity to arrange a wedding reception or a party in Mykonos Island. At this time the weather is absolutely great to have every kind of an event. Besides, this is the time to have some fireworks to lighten up the Mykonos skies. Now you can choose all types of venues to enjoy your special moments. Tip: Do not miss the chance to enjoy the sunset time in Mykonos, so pick a place or have the wedding ceremony at this point of the day.

These are just few of Mykonos Catering Services advices in order to arrange the perfect event in Mykonos at the right time. For the rest of the details regarding your event, do not hesitate to contact us at