Ideas for decorating the perfect event in Mykonos!


Best decoration for your event in Mykonos

When you choose the island of Mykonos to organize a wedding reception or an event in Mykonos, consider yourself lucky when the discussion for the decorations gets on the table. First of all, the corners and the landscapes of Mykonos are incredibly beautiful and unique to spoil them with heavy and bubbly decorative backdrops. But you will definitely need something that will add a little bit of your personal touch. This is when the people of Mykonos Catering Services come in the discussion to suggest some of their ideas found below.

To start with, we have to discuss about the exact location of the event or the wedding reception and the type of it. If you go for a venue, like the Mykonos Catering Services suggested venues of Mykonos Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel & Resort and the restaurant Al Dente and Yefsi, it is good to give some personalized touches, like flower arrangements or candles if your event takes place at night and pick from our decorative lists the items that will reflect the character of your special day.

Keep in mind that, if you go for a fully served dinner, you have to arrange the tables’ decoration. It will be kind of difficult to choose from the suggestions of the Mykonos Catering Services decorative ideas, but we will make it easy, plus we are open to discuss any unique installations or ideas of your own that you wish to incorporate while you are organizing the decoration of your event in Mykonos.

If you organize your event in an open air venue or at your villa, we can provide some decorative ideas tailor-made according to the particular style of your event. The only thing that you have to do is send us a request, your thoughts, ideas and wishes and, together, we will create the best decoration for your event in Mykonos at