A private event in Mykonos: the best new venue!

There is no better asset to personalize your event but having a private event in Mykonos; in an area that will be all for you and your guests and you won’t have to worry about the prying eyes, having the opportunity to express yourself. In Mykonos Catering Services, we do have to suggest the best new venue for a private event in Mykonos, which is DK Oyster Bar Restaurant by the beach of Platys Gialos and the cabanas of Kosmoplaz Beach Resort.

You have to check all the brand new DK Oyster offerings to the beach scene of Mykonos Island. Totally renovated, DK Oyster becomes the next hot summer beach spot at Platys Gialos proposing a laid back yet cosmopolitan summer style of living with delectable tastes focusing on the delicious fruits of the sea and a carefully selected champagne selection that complements any type of event and elevates the experience. DK Oyster specializes in hosting wedding receptions, birthday parties and corporate events having everything that will make your special day here a memorable one as you can have parts or the entire venue just for your event!  www.dkoyster.com

Then, we have the cabanas of Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel just opposite DK Oyster, meaning that you can have an entire suite with private pool for your event only. The great service and the amazing tastes will be the best possible support for the creation of an event to remember for quite a long time.

So when it comes to the creation of a perfect event in Mykonos look no further than the beach of Platys Gialos where the best new venue for a private event in Mykonos is located. Combine the amazing beach scenery of Mykonos with the facilities and services of DK Oyster and Kosmoplaz Beach Hotel to create memories from the island meant to offer delicious tastes and everlasting feelings. Check www.mykonoscateringservices.com