5 secrets for the perfect event in Mykonos!


Every event has a very different and personal character. Every couple and every occasion are unique and such as approached by the professionals of Mykonos Catering Services. Today, we wish to share some secrets and ideas which can elevate your event into the state of the perfect event in Mykonos. Smart add-ons for your menu, decoration and extras will only make your guests feel amazing.

Tastes combination. When you are creating your menu, do not stick with a specific menus proposals. Combine local with ethnic and international dishes and choose lots of finger food options that will give your guests the opportunity to taste more.

After hours food. If you are organizing a night event do not forget that your guests will drink and dance till very late. So there is no better thing to do than adding some more food for the after-hours of your event. Everyone will appreciate it and will give to your event a delightful extension.

Surprises. There are many ways to surprise your guests; live music, dancers, a mixologist making signature cocktail for your event only. Some intriguing gifts for your guests to take with and remember your event forever.

Keep it simple. We refer mostly to the decoration, as Mykonos, regardless the venue of your choice, offers a dreamy background.

If you are in a venue by the sea, like the DK Oyster Restaurant, you will need nothing more than the colors of the sea and the horizon.

Luxury extras. In Mykonos Catering Services, you will do find some really luxurious extras that will turn your event in such an amazing experience. Why not arriving in a helicopter, why not organize a day by the beach with champagne and oysters? Ask the people of Mykonos Catering Service for some only in Mykonos experiences that you can add to your event.

Those were just 5 secrets for the perfect event in Mykonos. You just have to send us a request at info@mykonoscateringservices.com and get ready for a great event in Mykonos island!