10 Extras to ask from Mykonos Catering Services

When you are planning an event or a wedding reception in Mykonos, it is not only the food that you can take care of. There are more things to ask and supervise. Let’s talk about the 10 extras that you can ask from Mykonos Catering Services.


1.     Bespoke Menu. Besides the standard menus that we suggest in Mykonos Catering Services, you can have exactly             the tastes you want.

2.     Concierge Services. We can propose activities and happenings that will upgrade the entertainment of your guests.

3.     Transfers. Might sound like something easy but why not let us take care of the transfer needs of your event? Limo             service is also available.

4.     Music. All kinds of music and bands you desire can be arranged by Mykonos Catering Services.

5.     Venue. Ask us for the right venue to host your event in Mykonos. By the beach or a fancy restaurant are in our hot             lists.

6.     Decorations. Mykonos is beautiful enough but we can add the decorative touches that personalize your event.

7.     Beauty treatments. From bridal makeup and hairstyling to massages and therapies, you definitely don’t have to worry         about these things.

8.     Wedding planner. If you don’t want to be bothered with the preparations, ask for a wedding planner to take care of             everything.

9.     Cruises. Why not enjoying Mykonos on board? We have the best sailing suggestions on the island to live a day or             more with totally summer feelings.

10.  Your wishes. Of course there are things that we don’t mention above, so do not hesitate at all asking of what will                make your event or wedding reception in Mykonos such a unique experience!

Those were just 10 extras to ask of Mykonos Catering Services, the rest of the list should be completed by you. To do so click on www.mykonoscateringservices.com